Combustion With Sound

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About Me

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Combustion With Sound is my alias and this site holds body of work that represents my design area.

I currently live and work on my own design studio, along with sound design projects and music. During these past few months, I’ve been changing a lot of things (became a freelancer, new house, new life, etc).

In these next few months I will be working on my new website and ‘brand’. So if u have something to say, just mail me.


I am a composer and sound designer. During my last years, i was requested to create innovative music tracks and sounds for a wide variety of projects that were being developed by directors, motion designers, creative studios and advertising agencies. A good part of those projects got recognition. I also collaborate with other musicians, mixing/mastering engineers and sound designers across the globe for specific projects. The goal is to explore new possibilities in the sonic field that can be applied to each specific request.


I am endorsed. Also requested for making music arrangements, remixing and collaborating with other artists.

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