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What Mistakes Make People Who Hire Web Designers?

This article will explain how to hire a local web designer and what to look for when hiring one. These are the six most common mistakes.

#1 Website Design Mistake

You are paying too little

Instead of thinking, “I have this much money, I need website”, I’m going get a Square Space site. I will save money and win.

“Opportunity cost would think, “All right so I have this money. You have many options. I could do one of the following: get a Square Space site, do-it yourself, hire a web designer near me, or hire someone overseas. Then, out of all these choices, which one will result in the highest overall profit?

What is opportunity-cost?

Instead of thinking, “I have this much money, I need website”, I’m going get a Square Space site. I will save money and win.

“Opportunity cost would think, “All right so I have this money. You have many options. I could do one of the following: get a Square Space site, do-it yourself, hire a web designer near me, or hire someone overseas. Then, out of all these choices, which one will result in the highest overall profit?

This is the best way to think about it in terms opportunity cost. It’s not about the return on investment for a single idea. It’s how much you can make on all options. Sometimes, you can lose a lot of potential net profits if you take the cheap route.

People don’t think about the value of their time when choosing the cheaper route. When it comes to investing, you are either saving time or saving money.

What is the value of my time and what are its benefits?

Ikea is my favorite analogy. Ikea is able to charge such a low price because they pass on much more work than other furniture manufacturers to their customers.

You will need to walk around the warehouse and look at the furniture, as they don’t have any salespeople. You then have to deliver the furniture to your home. Then you will have to put it together. This is something that most furniture manufacturers have employees do.

You are not a professional furniture maker, so the quality and output of Ikea furniture you assemble is not as high. The same applies to website design. Many people don’t know how to market digitally or design websites. You’re using too much time building the website. Also, you won’t get as good a result if you hire someone to do it full-time.

#1 Mistake of Website Designers

Don’t Pay Too Much

This is mistake number 1. Let me tell you a little secret about website design. Many people believe that a professional website company is necessary to create a real website. What most people don’t know is that all websites are made of the same material.

It’s just CSS, HTML and JavaScript on the front-end. I don’t mean all websites.

You can see the source code of any website, such as Apple.com or Amazon.com. It’s simply HTML and CSS. It’s HTML that gives structure to it, CSS gives it singapore website designer and JavaScript gives it animation.

A $50 template site is made from the same source code as Apple.com.

Web Designer Near Me

It’s not like you’re getting something new when you hire local web designers. You are simply paying for a better quality version of the same thing. You’re getting someone who can code better, who understands design better and hopefully marketing better.

Many people believe that a larger agency is better for their website. You’ll visit their office, which is beautiful in a nice area of town. They have ping-pong tables and people having fun.

If you are wondering “Wow, they have so much office space,” the price for your website will go towards these things. You get the idea. It is not.

The reality is that you will be working with a junior employee, who is often quite new. This is your daily contact and the person you’ll deal with throughout the project.

When choosing a website, I advise that people focus only on the end result. It’s not about “do they like their work?” Is it about how their portfolio looks. Trust your judgment. Expert opinion is often a fabrication. Let me clarify.

They have done blind tastings of wine with world-class Sommeliers and can’t tell the differences between the best and the worst wines.

They have taken world-class violinists blindfolded to test a Stradivarius violin that was made 400 years ago against a modern-day one.

Warren Buffett placed a $1 million wager that an index fund using the S&P 500 would outperform hedge fund managers over a 10-year period. He won.

Basically, trust your judgment and don’t let anyone claim to be an expert. It’s generally not as powerful as you might believe.

The #3 mistake of a website designer

Hire a “Designer” to build your website

What does that mean? This sounds strange. This is why I don’t use the term designer. It means someone who is purely an artist or who focuses solely on graphic design. Many ‘designers’ are only interested in the design of the website’. It’s not about what it looks like or if the site follows current website design trends. They don’t understand the main purpose of websites.

Let me ask, then, what is the primary purpose for a website?

It is possible to look beautiful.

No. It is not the main purpose.

It is to enhance user experience

It’s not, it’s not the main purpose.

What about winning awards? You won’t, uh-uh.

The website’s purpose is to make money if you are a business owner. The only way to judge a website is if it brings in more money. You are right.

Consequently, designers are often unable to grasp this.

Marketing plus design is how we approach it.

My favorite way to look at a website is that there is a person looking for something and then there’s the next step.

When working with clients, we identify

  • What are the different types who visit the site?
  • What are they looking to find?
  • Which is the next step they would like to take?

These variables are what we use to convert leads into customers.
Marketing is the key. Marketing is our first priority and design comes second.

Web Design Mistake #4.

Not getting a CMS

What is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System and is basically a piece software that allows you to update and manage your website. Word Press and Square Space both use CMSs, but there are many CMSs. One thing to keep in mind is that not all CMSs work the same way, even within Word Press.

A phantom deliveryable is a business concept. It’s something you give your customers that they aren’t expecting or don’t know they should expect.

The backend of a website is one of our most important deliverables. When they buy a website, most people only consider the front-end. Its appearance is all that matters. They don’t think about how easy it will be to use, or how frustrating it will take to update and edit the site.

Sometimes, you might find a website like this on the backend. It’s difficult to update and edit. To be able code, you must know the basics of programming.

Versus is a website that we have created from the backend. The image, title, description, and everything else can be edited and updated just like your Facebook profile.

I recommend that you look under the hood to make sure the company is legitimate.

Ask if you can view the backend of their site to see how easy it is to update and edit. This should be a factor in your decision to hire a website designer.

Local Website Designer Mistake

Not Doing Your Due Diligence

You can check to see if there are any reviews. Look them up on Yelp and Google Reviews as well as LinkedIn. You can see if they are getting positive reviews or if there is anything negative.

You can check to see if there are any reviews. Look them up on Google Review, Google Reviewss and LinkedIn. You can see if they are being positive or negative.

It doesn’t matter what they do, the most important thing to consider is whether you like their work. It’s important to be happy with the work they do.

Also, take a look at what they have done on mobile. It’s easy to forget to consider how their website will look on mobile. Look at their portfolio websites on your mobile phone.

A common problem with web designers is that they only list the top sites in their portfolio. But if you’d like to see all of their portfolios, here’s a hack.

A signature is usually found at the bottom of each website designed by a web design company. Our signature says “San Francisco Web Design By Thomas Digital”, but it could also say “Website Design by XYZ Media” etc.

Sixth Mistake of a Web Site Designer

You wouldn’t trust a fat personal trainer or chef. You should also not trust an ugly website designer, an SEO specialist who ranks poorly on Google or an “internet marketer”, who uses direct outreach to get leads. If someone sells you traffic via Google, Pay Per Click, or Social Media but they are using cold outreach to get in touch with you (either by direct emailing or word of mouth), they may not be practicing what they preach.

We rank as high as number one in Google’s search for “San Francisco Web Design.”

Are you ready to hire someone to create a website?

If you’ve read this far, you probably think ” I need someone who can build my website for ME”. I’d love to make an offer you won’t believe.

Before you sign anything or pay anything, we will create a free mockup of your new website. Your design is created in Photoshop at no cost. You don’t have to sign anything and your credit card information is not taken. Click the link to see if this sounds interesting.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hiring a web designer?

It all depends. It doesn’t matter how much a website developer costs. It is more about what type of website you need and what your budget is for it.

The word “website designer” is similar to the words “football player”. A football player can be either a professional in the NFL or an amateur in a peewee league. They are technically both football players.

This is also true for website designers.

A web designer is someone who assists you in installing a premade WordPress template. They also have the design and coding skills to change the font color and update the logo. As long as they charge a fair price and are honest about what they can or cannot do, that is fine.

Let me give you some numbers so that I don’t forget.

You can find someone to help you install a WordPress template, add your content, adjust the fonts and colors, and possibly even change the colors.

Some designers use a WordPress framework like Avada, Divi to create a customized-looking website. Although it is not a customized site, it can be more tailored to your company’s needs than a standard template. Website projects are usually priced between $1,500 and $3,000.

A fully customized website is usually not available for less than $5,000. Pricing can rise from there to the tens or thousands, and even beyond. It all depends.

Our Website Pricing article provides more information.

You can also view our pricing guide.

What is the average time it takes to create a website?

It is not the same as building a single-family home, which takes less time than the Empire State Building. To accurately estimate the design time of a website, it depends on how large your project.

Here are some quick and easy guidelines.

Premade templates websites of less than 10 pages can take up to 2 weeks to create.

In 2-3 weeks, you can create a semi-custom website using a framework like Avada and Divi.

For a website with more than 10 pages, a truly custom website will typically take between 5-6 weeks. For every 10 pages, add a week.

The following factors will also increase the timeframe for a website project:

  • Number of unique page designs (page templates)
  • Whether you have the content written already
  • How many stakeholders are you able to include in your project? (Hint: The more stakeholders, the longer it takes).
  • Extra time will be required if you require any unusual or unique functionality.
  • A project that includes eCommerce functionality or shopping cart functionality will take longer.
  • Our complete article provides more information on the time it takes to create a website.

What is the hourly rate of a web designer

The hourly rate for a web developer can vary depending on the type of work you need.

For $10-$20 per hour, you can hire an international designer to work on a website like UpWork

The hourly rate for a US-based designer is between $50 and $150, depending on their expertise.

It all depends on the role that the designer plays.

A person who helps you create a WordPress website might not have any coding or design experience but still call themselves a “designer”.

Designers can also specialize in certain areas, such as Javascript animations or SVG animations. A PHP developer may be a specialist in PHP coding. The hourly rate will vary depending on the project you are working on.

Also, you should consider the possibility of spending your money on a word that is never properly used. You should also consider this.

How can I find the best web developer?

This question has two parts. The first part is “Where do you look for the best web designer?” The second is: What criteria should you consider when hiring a web designer ?

Here are some suggestions for ‘where’ to go.


You should search Google for web designers that specialize in your field. This is often done by simply searching for website design.

Google is often used to search for keywords such as “website designer near me” in order to locate a web designer in their local area.

This can sometimes be a mistake. You are better off considering the best option overall than someone within your immediate area.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews is another excellent place to search while you are searching Google. You want a web designer who has received many positive reviews. Ideally, from customers similar to your business.

Directory of Websites

There are many website directories. These websites include Clutch or UpCity.

You should know that these people often pay for placement. This is fine but important.

It’s also important to understand how difficult it can be to review a company when you look at company reviews. Sometimes, fake reviews can be used by companies.

Google Reviews is, therefore, my recommendation. It is generally more reliable.

Websites for Freelancers

Websites that hire freelance web designers are another place to look. These sites include UpWork and Fiverr.

What you should look for in a web designer?

Now that you have a few designers to consider, I suggest that you spend some time looking at their portfolio.

You are ultimately getting a result. This is a new website. If you don’t like their work, chances are you won’t love what they do.

You should also look at their client reviews. It is important to ensure that they have satisfied clients who will endorse their work.

You also want to ensure that the pricing matches your budget.

Do I pay someone to build my website?

It is fine to take your college roommate to IKEA to assemble the furniture. You are likely to be happier buying quality furniture that will last a lifetime if you’re middle-aged and have a family.

The same principle applies to web design.

If you are starting a new venture and have no revenue or a proven business model, it is best to keep your costs low. You might also consider building the website yourself with a website maker.

You have a profitable business and need a website. Or your current website is ugly. You would be better off hiring a professional.

It all comes down to the ‘opportunity price’, as stated in the article.

There are many things you can do with your money. But, which is the best?

A website ‘s purpose is to generate a positive return. When weighing your options, think about this.

How can I find a web designer who is competent?

There are many ways to guarantee the quality of website designers’ work.

Before you sign anything, we offer a free custom mockup. You can see how our design will look before you pay anything.

Check to see if your website designer won’t do a free mockup. This will ensure that their work is of high quality.

Sometimes, you may be able to work with a third party site like 99Designs and UpWork. They will set up an escrow plan together with the website designer and release funds only after the design has been approved.

My greatest piece of hiring good advice is to simply look at their portfolio.

There is a high chance that you will enjoy what they do if they have many websites you like.

You might not love the work they do if their portfolio is small or their work isn’t as good.

How to create a web design job posting that is effective

Perhaps you think that posting a job listing for a web designer would be the best way to go. You will get several designers bidding on your work, and you can pick the one that you like most.

Here’s the deal.

Are you aware of someone who is willing to respond to job postings looking for website designers?

Designers who are too busy with client work don’t have enough time.

It’s true that the most talented designers are so in high demand, they almost never post jobs. You’ll either be the last to find website designers that are in high demand or you will be the lowest in the list of talent.

You might meet a talented designer that is just trying to expand their portfolio. These rare instances are just too rare to be worth the effort.

It is better to reach out directly to the top designers within your price range .

How can I choose the best web designer?

website design has a few pitfalls. It is subjective on certain levels. There is no data to tell you whether it’s better for your homepage to have a looping video as the hero. It is up to you to decide if one is necessary.

You should look at their portfolio to see if it is something you like, as I have said before.

If you have a website design in mind, and are faced with a choice between several web designers, how can you choose the right one?

Consider that website design is a partnership. This person will be spending a lot of time with you. If all else is equal, it’s worth considering how much you will enjoy working with them.

I know that not all clients are alike as a website designer. Some clients are just more exciting to work with and this often shows in the work.

Although enthusiasm may not always be quantifiable, it is worth considering. If you’re on the fence about which designer to choose, it’s worth choosing the one you feel most passionate about. You can even choose to work with the designer that is more excited about your project.

What is the key to a great web design?

“Form follows function” is the most well-known design quote.

What is the purpose of a website? A website’s purpose is usually to make money, except if you are a non-profit or designing it as a hobby.

With this in mind, what makes a website “good” in terms of design? Its ability to generate more income for you business.

Many people fall for the trap of only thinking about a website in terms its design.

You need to take into account the website’s SEO (search engine optimization) ability, its effectiveness in converting visitors to leads, as well as many other factors beyond the website’s ‘design’.

Trusted experts are what you really need to guide you through this process.

You should trust your business to professionals who are not only experts in design, but also search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Where can I find the best web design company?

Google is the best place to search for a web design. Google is a great place to search for websites in your area and for website designers who specialize in your industry.

Google Review and Yelp can also be good places to start.

A more valuable piece of advice might be to not look.

People make the common mistake of asking for referrals from friends and family for website designers. Hiring a web designer does not equate to hiring someone to mow your lawn. The service is interchangeable, and you are only looking for someone reliable.

Website design is a job that requires someone with experience in your field and a portfolio that you enjoy.

Also, you don’t want your neighbor’s child in college to build your site or your office intern to do it.

You should look at the portfolio of a web designer before you consider other factors.

Personal referrals are where you don’t usually see someone’s portfolio until you’ve already invested emotionally with them. This can lead to a misinterpretation.

What other options are there for hiring a web designer instead?

You don’t need to hire web designers. The best alternative is to use a website builder. These pre-made solutions will help you get a website up and running in a matter of days. These options include Squarespace and Wix.

A website builder’s advantage is its affordability. You can create a website and generate new business for as little as a few dollars per month.

You can also set up your WordPress website.

You will need to install WordPress, secure hosting and install a theme. This requires some technical knowledge.

If you are able to do basic technical tasks and have the time, this option might be worth a look.

Another option is to use a website like Flippa, where you can buy an existing website for the business. You can get a custom domain name and logo as well as a custom-designed website to fit your business. Just plug in your information, and you are ready to go.