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What Scent To Choose For Candles?

Are you looking for a new candle for your home? It can be difficult to choose a scented candle for your living room, bedroom, or even hallway without first smelling it. This is where our best candles guide comes in handy – especially since we’ve smelt and burned all of these candles and can attest to the fact that they all burn cleanly and emit a pleasant scent. That is, good enough for us to want to buy it again and again…

You’ll adore these distinctive mixtures whether it’s an autumn Gracie Moon Scents candle, a Christmas candle, or a fresh smell for lighting inside your house all year. To wow your visitors and create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. You can shop for candles by scent or by room, or you can scroll down to see them all.

You might have guessed that we like scented home goods, so don’t miss our roundup of the best house fragrances. More candle suggestions, as well as reed diffusers and room sprays can be found here.

Which of the candle scents should I choose?

When it comes to picking the appropriate perfume for you, these are the key fragrance families to consider. Some of these smells are more appropriate for certain spaces or seasons.


In the spring and summer, floral smells are ideal for lighting. They usually contain rose and can be overpowering at times. This is a smell you may use in any room of your house, from the living room to the bathroom.


Fruity smells are typically sweet and comprise substances such as pomegranate, lavender, or jasmine, which are not ideal for lighting in smaller rooms. They have the potential to be overpowering, yet they are excellent for hiding odors. A fruity candle can be used in any space, though we wouldn’t recommend lighting one in the kitchen owing to the odors conflicting.


Citrus candles are perfect for year-round illumination, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Citrus candles may be left burning for hours without becoming too overbearing, but you should light them in larger settings. Citrus candles typically contain lime, orange, and grapefruit.


ozonic candles, which smell like fresh laundry or sea air, are a popular choice among those who want their rooms to smell nice but not overpowering. You can light an ozonic candle anywhere in your home, but we recommend putting it somewhere in the middle, like a corridor.


Spicy candles are best lighted during the colder months because they are usually quite strong when lit and before lighting. In larger rooms with large windows, you’ll want to use spicy perfumes, which usually have a woody scent. Sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli are common sources.

Trilogy of WoodWick Candle in the Woods

In the autumn, light this WoodWick candle to create a warm environment in your home. Its cracking wick, which imitates the sound of a crackling fireplace once lit, making it a charming addition to a living area. This candle not only looks wonderful with its elegant wooden cover, but it also smells and sounds great while burning.

This unusual combination is ideally suited for burning when the weather is cold, with rich notes of redwood and sandalwood blended with delicate amber and sandalwood clove. It’s perfect for autumn and winter, and it also makes a great present. You should be aware that you may find yourself purchasing this candle year after year. When we lighted our 453.6g teardrop-shaped jar, we discovered that the candle burned fairly evenly, if a little quickly. It also gives out a pleasant scent very instantaneously.

WoodWick candles are similar in style, but most are different due to the wax color. They are poured into a thick glass vessel and finished with a wooden lid. This candle, with the Warm Woods smell, is grey in color and is poured in layers, which is unusual. Because the layers are different hues of grey, you can see them before lighting the candle. These layers combine to produce a deep aroma. This size is ideal for perching in the centre of a coffee table, but it is available in three sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your living space.

Candle with Noble Isle Whisky and Water

This Noble Isle candle is for individuals who love heavier aromas, since it has the ability to scent a room even when it is not burning. It also comes in a lovely black vessel with a golden interior and the Noble Isle insignia etched in small letters at the bottom of the glass. It’s ideal for putting on a mantelpiece. Noble Isle products are also created in West Sussex, England.

This spicy candle smells like cinnamon and is perfect for lighting throughout the winter months. Rose and davana blossom, as well as amber and tonka bean, jasmine, and orange blossom, are all present. We recommend lighting this candle in a large space, such as a study or living room, and only lighting it for a few hours at a time because it is fairly strong. Though rest certain that it may quickly hide scents in the air. If you’re not a lover of strong scents, stay away.

This candle burned brilliantly and evenly once lighted. We’ve burned this candle twice and the wick has yet to curl, despite the fact that it blew out with a lot of smoke. This candle comes in a gorgeous box with a bow, which would make a lovely gift. This smell is also available as a hand wash.

Geranium Leaf Candle by The White Company

This candle by The White Company is a fantastic alternative for individuals who prefer a natural, herbal scent in their home. It’s also poured into a porcelain pitcher with a lid to lend an extra sense of class. This candle, like all others from The White Company, is made in the UK using high-quality wax.

The scents of peppermint, geranium, and Sicilian orange combine in this herbal candle. We think it’s a perfect complement to a light and open area, or even a kitchen or bathroom, because it’s subtle enough not to give you a headache or overshadow a room.

When we burned this candle, we detected some tunneling, but it’s nothing to be concerned about because The White Company candles have a smaller wick. This candle also comes with a lid to keep it from dusty. A diffuser, fragrance oil, hand wash, hand cream, and hand lotion are all available in the Geranium Leaf aroma.

Absolutely Flawless – Wild Pomegranate Rockett St George Candle

For those who are drawn to anything pomegranate-scented, Rockett St George’s Absolutely Flawless candle is a modest option. It’s also paraffin-free because it’s comprised of natural beeswax and rapeseed oil. This candle comes in a black box that matches the candle – it would make a beautiful gift. The jar, which is black matte with gold lettering, is subtle.

This candle smells like a spring morning, with pomegranate dominating the scent, but there’s also a whiff of fresh cotton and smoky undertones. You may put it wherever in your house without fear of it being overpowering.

To avoid tunneling, you’ll need to maintain trimming the wick of this candle. It also doesn’t emit any smell unless it’s lighted, which is ideal for smaller spaces or residences.

Rosenhave Candle (Scandinavisk)

This flowery candle is unlike any other in that it’s well-balanced with a variety of floral aromas, some strong and others subtle. Skandivanisk candles are vegan and manufactured from Swedish rapeseed oil, as previously stated. The beautiful glass jars in which they are poured are manufactured from 30% recyclable materials, and the package and wooden cover are FSC-certified.

There are instant notes of rose and elderflower, as well as a hint of Lily of the Valley and the aroma of blackcurrant buds. This candle has a floral scent to it, but it’s also quite clean, and it’s something we’d be delighted to have burning in our home all day. We think it’s perfect for spring and summer illumination in a corridor or living area to show off the aroma to your visitors.

When lighted, this candle burns brilliantly and emits just the right amount of aroma. We’ve found that floral candles can be overbearing at times, but not with this one. The Rosenhave aroma is also available in a reed diffuser and a hand cream.

Candle from the Skandinavisk Fjord

This Skandinavisk candle is one of our favorites, thanks to its delicate aroma, attractive vase, and excellent burn. It’s also worth noting that Skandinavisk candles are created using vegan Swedish rapeseed wax, which is impressive. The glass jars in which they are poured are manufactured from 30% recyclable materials, and the beechwood lid is FSC-certified. All of the packaging is FSC-certified, and natural color dyes are used to embellish it.

With notes of apple and pear blossom, orchard fruits, and redcurrants, this candle is the perfect balance of fruity and flowery. It’s nice and mild, so it won’t overwhelm a tiny space, and we recommend placing it in the center of your home to enable the aroma to spread throughout.

This candle emits an astonishing amount of mild smell once burned. After burning, we noted minimal tunneling, and the wick has curved around after multiple uses, indicating that it is ready to be trimmed. The burn is quite even, so the gorgeous glass vase could be reused. If a candle isn’t your thing, Fjord is also available as a reed diffuser.

Niani Candle’s Noé Hero is a nomad.

This creamy candle by Nomad Noé smells as delicious as it looks, with a scent that’s fresh yet warm and inviting, with a 55-hour burn period. This candle, housed in a lovely porcelain vase with a mint green cover, will make a statement no matter where you place it. Because of its fresh yet comforting qualities, we recommend lighting this candle in a corridor or doorway.

The rich vanilla and roasted tonka bean flavors make it appealing and energizing. It’s also pleasant and sweet without being overbearing, which is difficult to come by.

This candle is hand-poured in the United States and features a 100% cotton wick. The fragrance, on the other hand, was created in Grasse, France. It’s both cruelty-free and vegan. Oh, and it’s produced using a vegan wax combination. It also comes in a pretty mint green box, which makes it a great present for a birthday, baby shower, or even Christmas.

Real Luxury Scented Candle by Neom Organics in London

We love Neom perfumes, especially their Real Luxury aroma, which is available in a candle form. Why do we find it so appealing? This floral fragrance can be used all year to refresh your rooms and infuse your home with a floral yet sumptuously subtle scent that looks as nice as it smells. As a result of its moniker…

This candle is a unique combination of 24 of the purest essential oils, with lavender, Brazillian rosewood, and jasmine at its forefront, and is scented with 100 percent natural fragrance. We think it’s ideal for perching inside a living room or bedroom because it’s designed to help you rest and unwind.

You can choose from three sizes of jars with a burn time of up to 50 hours, all housed and hand-poured inside the iconic Neom glass vessel. When we claim that this candle burns evenly all the way around – even the three-wick size – we’re speaking from experience. However, because wicks tend to curl, you may need to trim them periodically. What’s the best part? Neom candles are created entirely of natural wax, giving you piece of mind when you’re burning candles inside.

Lempi Candle (Scandinavisk)

We mean every word when we say this could be the nicest flower candle we’ve ever smelled. To bring the outside in and add a delicious perfume to your home, we recommend lighting this candle in a living room, home office, or bedroom. It’s prepared using rapeseed wax and a cotton wick, and it’s poured into a repurposed glass vase with a beechwood top. It has a very even burn, is vegan-friendly, and will, without a doubt, look stunning on display in your home.

With notes of popular flowers like peonies and roses – as well as strawberries to add sweetness and mosses to provide an earthy mix to this mixture – it’s just excellent for lighting in the spring and summer seasons.

It is available in two sizes: a tiny and a large. The larger size is definitely recommended, but the tiny is perfect if you’re not sure if you’ll like the perfume. If a reed diffuser is more your style, this smell is also available.

Restorative Candle by ESPA

One of the best aromatherapy candles available is ESPA’s Restorative Candle. To put it another way, it’s quite calming and will assist you in unwinding after a long day. It’s even hand-poured and created with essential oils, with relaxing aroma accents. This ESPA candle is both stylish and functional, since it is housed in an attractive white glass vessel with a metal top to keep dust at bay. We recommend lighting it in a bathroom, but be cautious because it is rather powerful.

Thanks to its tones of lavender, which are combined perfectly with sweet oranges to make it slightly herbaceous, this candle has a pleasant and peaceful perfume. There’s also rose geranium and palmarosa for good measure. Because it’s unquestionably sweet, you’ll want to burn it from early spring until late summer.

This ESPA fragrance has odour-repelling properties and is pleasant and aromatic enough to hide odors. It’s also produced entirely of natural wax, is appropriate for vegans, and is FSC-certified. When lighting, we recommend using the lid as a protective plate to protect your surfaces. All ESPA candles come packaged in a gorgeous box, ready to be given as a gift.

Candle Fog with Slab Lab Scented

The Slab Lab fragrance candle is a lovely way to warm yourself on a chilly evening, regardless of the season. It also has an even burn time of 40 to 45 hours, thanks to the use of coconut and rapeseed wax. This Slab Lab candle comes in biodegradable and compostable packaging, since the boxes are created from paper pulp and printed with soy or vegetable oil, and is housed in a grey glass jar with a stylish white label. They’re also surrounded by biodegradable void fill, which you can dispose of by running it down your tap.

With a warm vanilla and tonka bean base, subtle notes of chamomile, clover honey, and bergamot are blended together. Once lit, English pear and freesia also come through gently. It’s undeniably a one-of-a-kind scent.

This candle is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. It’s created with a wax that’s devoid of GMOs, as well as parabens, phthalates, and paraffin.

Refills for the Scentered Sleep Well Candle

Scentered’s 100% natural candle refills are a terrific option for individuals who want to be more environmentally conscious. They arrive in a compostable coffee cup, and the idea is that you take them out of the packaging and burn them in your own 220g glass vessel, which you can reuse over and over. As a result, there is virtually little waste, and the same glass can be reused multiple times. Bye-bye to disposable candle packaging.

This eco candle is densely scented and emits an undeniably soothing aroma that would make a beautiful addition to a bedroom. This candle is scented with everything from lavender to chamomile, palmarosa, oak wood, Bois de rose, and geranium. The sweetness of these candles is well balanced with patchouli, clove, and ylang-ylang.

These Scentered candle refills come in a pack of two and are vegan-friendly. They’re created with 100 percent natural wax and essential oils. Delivers a seductive combination to calm your thoughts and relax your body. While these candles are not suggested for use during pregnancy, they do have a 35-hour burn period.

Which candle brand is the best?

Skandinavisk is the best candle brand, in our opinion. This brand is not just eco-friendly, but their candles are also attractively arranged, and each one has a distinct yet intense scent. They also burn well, with minimum tunneling, and there are a variety of scents to pick from. We also recommend The White Company and ESPA candles for their outstanding quality and attractive appearance.