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His Spirit Still Remains in Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Over 125 years ago, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada, has been welcoming guests. It is also known as the Castle of Rockies. Many guests have passed through its doors, including royalty and celebrities. However, there are still guests of other kinds who walk its halls.

Ghosts of the Hotel

Secret room: The contractor made a significant error in the construction of the original wooden hotels. One room was constructed without windows and doors. This information wasn’t shared with the hotel owner.

Only after a fire broke out in 1926 was the room discovered. Avatars can often be seen wandering through the hall from this room since then.

Room 873

The family’s tragic murder took place in this room. Since then, the door has been made to look exactly like the rest of the hallway’s wall. Many people have seen apparitions outside the room. This could be relatives who were believed to have been killed here.

The Burning Bride

According to legend, a bride wearing her wedding gown died on the staircase. The bride was walking up the stairs when candles were lit. In a panic, she tripped on the stairs and suffered a broken neck.

Many people reported seeing her ghost, often in full wedding gowns, in the ballroom. Staff and guests sometimes witnessed her dancing in flames. Many others have seen the woman who lost her life on the staircase.

The staff has reported hearing strange sounds from the bridal suite, even though the room is empty.

The Bellman

Sam Macauley is perhaps the most famous ghost at Banff Springs. In the 60s and 70s, he was the bellman at the hotel. His spirit is still believed to haunt the hotel, although not much information about his death.

His 1960’s uniform has been seen helping guests get into locked rooms, turn off the lights or carry their bags. He was often seen on the 9th floor.

Sam will disappear if you attempt to have a conversation with him or tip him.

Similar Reports

Apart from the most popular stories, the hotel also has more to offer! Staff and guests both witnessed the bartender appearing to them, sometimes telling guests that they had drunk too much and it was best to go to bed.

The apparition of a headless male playing the bagpipes is perhaps even more impressive!

Hotel History

Banff Springs Hotel is located in Alberta, Canada. The original structure was a wooden structure. It was built as a necessity for travelers traveling along with the Canadian Pacific Railway’s (CPR) westwards.

William Van Horne, the Vice President of CPR, saw the hotel not just as a stopping point but as a world-class destination. The hotel was proud of its natural hot springs and stunning mountain scenery. Unfortunately, the building was destroyed in a major fire in 1926, but the rebuild was a complete success. The new construction was to be based on a Scottish castle loosely. It would include towers, stone walls, and towers.

Banff Springs was a popular hotel that gained popularity after celebrities and royalty began to visit it. It soon became the Castle of the Rockies.

What about it?

Banff Springs is an iconic hotel in Canada, surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine wilderness, and magical lakes.

In addition to its stunning surroundings, the hotel provides world-class services and amenities. Each of its 768 guest rooms is exquisitely furnished. There are cozy rooms hidden away in the castle’s quiet corners and open suites with views over Alberta’s mountains.

Banff Springs has a wide range of activities, including cross-country skiing (downhill), cross-country ski, dog sledding and snowshoeing), skating, a 27-hole championship golf course, hiking. Horseback riding is also an option.

You can find a wide range of activities for your children here, as well as menus and babysitting services.

Willow Stream Spa, located in Banff Springs, is a relaxing place for those who want to unwind after a long day.
There are many places you can choose to have a quick meal or a sit-down meal. Many restaurants serve Canadian, Bavarian, Japanese, and other health-conscious cuisines.

Apart from the wide selection of restaurants, there are many places where you can have a quiet drink. The hotel has bars and lounges.

Paying a Visit

There’s a wealth of activities available when staying at Banff Springs. There’s a variety of snow-based activities with access to some of the best ski slopes in Canada. It still doesn’t surpass the most extreme haunted houses in Ohio, but still.

There’s also a championship golf course on-site, and the surroundings offer a vast array of activities, such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and more.

Just steps away from the hotel are the authentic mountain town of Banff, Alberta. Enjoy year-round Banff – Lake Louise events and attractions, local galleries and museums, the Banff Gondola, and mineral-rich hot springs.