Battles – Mirrored

I took too long already to start writing about music, so let’s begin.

Battles is an american band that has been grabbing attention from the media for sometime and when they released their first full album “Mirrored”, they seemed to be all over the place.

As they are signed with Warp Records, that means a lot and of course you would expect something totally different from the common sense. This experimental rock is really into my veins lately. Intricate rhythm and weird melodies, everything that you hope to listen is here. They can even make a ‘hit’ out of it. Atlas was the first single that came out of ‘Mirrored’ and it certainly showed that this 4 guys have been evolving a lot since their EPs.

I just ordered my copy of ‘Mirrored’. You can still buy it on Amazon.

Allen Chris

I am a composer and sound designer. During my last years, i was requested to create innovative music tracks and sounds for a wide variety of projects that were being developed by directors, motion designers, creative studios and advertising agencies. A good part of those projects got recognition.