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The Parade

In Brazil, the image of a deer is used as a slang to mock homosexuals ( This symbol only works there ), to illustrate the most bizarre event in São Paulo’s agenda, the Gay Parade. Unfortunately, it’s the biggest in the world. People come from everywhere to ‘celebrate’ this mockery.

Let me start saying that I personally hate homosexuality as an immoral conduct, but I respect them as a people.

I was shopping with my fiance in a mall here and listened to the salesman saying: “Hey, this Sunday there is the Gay Parade! Let’s go there, all is allowed! You can do whatever you want”. It wasn’t the first time i listened to some people saying things like this about this event. When reading the newspaper i read: “The government is distributing leaflets telling about using”.

What the hell?! It isn’t just like a fest that goes against the decency, it also allows people to share and use substances!

They are going to publicly use substances and be naked on the most important avenue in the city and the government is allowing it! How sick is that?

So, you can have an idea about what i think about it too.

Do you know why they do it? Because they just want money. There is a lot of tourists in the city because of that. The government is not interested on the parade, just in the money that it brings. It doesn’t matter if it’s immoral and divulges the use of drugs. So it isn’t a surprise if the government doesn’t support the March for Jesus, for example, that divulges peace on the city.

By the way, this March for Jesus had 3.5 million people.

So doing the math, you have 3.5 million people divulging Peace with no help from the government, and in the other hand you have 1 million people divulging ‘everything is allowed’ WITH the help from the government.

Are everyone with the same rights on this? I don’t think so.

OK Brazil, let’s go celebrate immorality and false ideals. World is going to reach the next level following this path…

PS: Just one thing about what I think about homosexuality. If you can put two people of the same gender in a cage and if they generate a new person naturally out of it, i will shut my mouth. So let’s stop pretending that everything is OK.